Fabric Wall Coverings

What is a Fabric Wall Covering?

Exactly what it sounds like. A fabric wall covering is a decorative type of wall covering that’s front side is compromised of some sort of fabric or textile. A common example is shag carpeting, popular in the 1970s. But today, fabric wall coverings are designed with a more stylistic flair.

Advantages to Fabric

Fabric wall covering, while having its flaws, does bring some unique advantages to the table. First and foremost is its ability to stand out, while also balancing, a room. Fabric wall covering is not something often seen today, and makes for a pleasant contrast against wood flooring, or uncovered walls. The design patterns available for a fabric covering have the ability to compliment or contrast not only the floor and walls, but also any other home decorations. Fabric further shows its use in older homes, covering portions of walls that may be damaged, but doing so in an artistic fashion.
Beside design, fabric wall covering also offers real world functionality. Fabric’s properties as an insulator, mean that sounds are mitigated in fabric covered rooms. This makes it especially useful in spaces that are unusually loud or echo.

Buying Fabric Wall Covering

Fabric wall covering can be purchased at many online retailers. However, it is necessary to shop around, ensuring the fabric purchased is high quality. There is a stark difference between fabric one would see covering an elementary school floor, fabric one might make clothes from, and fabric one would make bed sheets from. The same holds true for fabric wall coverings. Variances in quality will always exist, and while putting shag carpet on a wall may be unbecoming, putting silk on a wall may also spell disaster. Of course, with quality variance there is also price variance. Consulting with an expert on the durability and life span of fabric is a wise choice before purchasing. Visit https://www.wolfgordon.com/ to know more.

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