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Reasons to Visit a Foot Doctor

Except for the time in a day that you spend flat on your back, you spend the other 16 hours either on your feet or seated, depending on your age and occupation. This is the same whether you live in South Side Chicago or not.

We use or rather misuse our feet every day without really realizing it until we need the services of a foot doctor in South Side Chicago. They can provide us with relief and correct medical conditions related to our feet. Doctors that specialize in the foot and ankle parts of our body are known as podiatrists.

Skin Conditions

Itchy feet, plantar warts, corns, blisters, and fungus are some common skin conditions that people suffer from the attention of a foot doctor in South Side Chicago. The feet are almost constantly in contact with the ground and do not have a chance to heal quickly as we continue wearing shoes and using our feet despite skin infections.

Orthopaedic Conditions

These are issues arising from joints, ligaments, and muscles in the feet. Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis are common orthopaedic conditions that a foot doctor can help with.


Fracture injuries require very urgent podiatrist attention, whether the broken bone has pierced the skin or not. However, simple sprains and running injuries are treated comparably and only require ice and heat to heal, but it is best to have the injury checked by a podiatrist to make sure a sprain or strain is all it is.

Diabetic Foot Care

When normal bacterial wounds on the foot do not heal quickly, then urgent treatment is needed, by a foot doctor in South Side Chicago. This is to prevent future gangrene, which if untreated, can lead to amputations.

Mitchell Foot & Ankle are specialists that can help relieve, ameliorate, and medically treat symptoms of any conditions concerning your feet so you continue using your feet as they were meant to be.

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