gum disease in Cary IL

Get Control of Gum Disease to Protect Your Oral and Overall Health

Gum disease is more prevalent than most people realize. It is also more dangerous than most people realize. Here are a few things that you should know about gum disease in Cary, IL, that can help you take steps to prevent it.

Gum disease affects your oral health. It can lead to tooth loss, bad breath, and a receding gum line. It also affects your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to diabetes, respiratory illnesses, heart disease, strokes, and complications during pregnancy. The reason why gum disease is linked to all of these conditions has to do with inflammation.

You can look for warning signs of gum disease when brushing your teeth. Things like bleeding gums, a receding gum line, swollen or tender gums, tooth sensitivity, and painful chewing can all indicate that you have gum disease in Cary, IL. If you have a bad taste in your mouth or persistent bad breath, this can also indicate gum disease.

The good news is that gum disease is preventable. Flossing and brushing at least twice a day are essential when it comes to preventing gum disease. You should also visit your dentist at least two times a year. Your dentist will be able to offer suggestions on how to treat gum disease. It typically involves improving oral hygiene and quitting smoking.

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