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Staging Tips to Avoid with New Condominiums in West Chelsea

In real estate, homeowners and brokers often go to great lengths to sell a house for the best possible price. However, in their efforts to make the condo appear more enticing or sellable, they frequently make basic staging blunders.

This frequently occurs when people do their staging without studying or when their broker or agent is inexperienced. If you stage your new condominiums in West Chelsea incorrectly, you will have difficulty selling them for a premium price.

So, here are some typical staging blunders to avoid.

Not Installing Curtains or Installing Them Wrong

When it comes to staging condominiums at places like Lantern House, one of the most typical mistakes is neglecting to put drapes or installing the wrong sort. Curtains are essential because they may conceal any defects in the windows. Curtains may make rooms appear larger and provide the appearance of height and disguising flaws in your windows.

When picking a color for your curtains, aim for something simple and neutral. Avoid patterns and bright drapes as much as possible. The way you hang them has a major impact on the overall design of a space.

Mismatched Furniture and Patterns

Remember that less is more when it comes to staging new condominiums in West Chelsea. You don’t need a lot of furniture, especially if the patterns aren’t the same. It’s impossible to mix a flowery sofa and a checkered chair in the same room; it’ll be a mess. Color coordination is also crucial. Stick to neutral hues and pair them with an accent color like blue tones to avoid orange and red.

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