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Family Mediation Attorney In Hollywood FL Reduce Turmoil In A Divorce Or Custody Determination

A divorce or custody determination is a turbulent time for the parties involved. Mediation will reduce the amount of time the parties need to be in front of a judge in court and reduce attorney fees. Family mediation attorney in Hollywood FL can solve minor and major disagreements between the parties involved in a case.

Divorcing spouses can mediate over alimony, child support issues, community property, and many family law matters. Mediation has become a more popular method of resolving disagreements in family cases. Family court judges will often order mediation before they will agree to a custody trial.

What Happens During Mediation?

An impartial party will sit down with the divorcing couple. The attorneys will not be present and the mediator will facilitate the conversation between the spouses. During a child custody mediation session, the mediator will always keep focused on the best interests of the child.

Mediation can avoid expensive attorney fees and bitterness that were previously common during a family court case. The mediator will focus on a resolution throughout three to four sessions. The couple will have to split the costs of the mediation service.

Parents Should Attempt to Get Along

With hurt feelings, parents should attempt to get along with each other. Their children will be in their lives forever, and as children grow, various issues will develop over time. When parents are unable to resolve these differences, mediation can smooth out the problems and find an amicable resolution. An agreement can be entered as a court order by a family mediation attorney in Hollywood FL.

Alimony Mediation

Another area of contention is spousal support or alimony. Alimony pendent lite is a temporary, needs-based alimony which is meant to sustain a spouse until the divorce is final. Permanent alimony can be awarded as part of the final divorce decree, and it is meant to ensure that basic financial needs are met after a divorce. Mediation can help a couple determine a fair amount of money

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