Medical Marijuana Doctor Tallahassee FL

How To Prepare For A Visit To A Tallahassee, FL Medical Marijuana Doctor

It is not uncommon for patients in and around Tallahassee, FL, to have some level of apprehension about the visit to any doctor. However, a medical marijuana doctor visit is a very different type of appointment designed to make the patient comfortable throughout the process.

Pre-Qualifying for Eligible Conditions

An online application is a simple way to see if a patient has one or more eligible medical or psychological conditions recognized by the state of Florida. A certified medical marijuana doctor can also make a recommendation if the patient has similar or like conditions that are not specifically listed.

Gather Information

When scheduling an appointment in Tallahassee, FL, the patient must complete an intake form and provide necessary information for current PCP and specialist doctors. This information is required in advance of the appointment to give the medical marijuana doctor the time to make a comprehensive review of the records.
Scheduling online allows you to choose the time that is best for your busy life. In larger clinics, patients also have the option to choose the MMJ doctor they would like to see.

Write Down Your Questions

If you have specific questions to ask the doctor, be sure to write them down in advance. MMJ doctors have training in helping patients to choose the best types of medical marijuana for their conditions, legal aspects of use, and in discussing any health-related questions when using medical cannabis.

At the appointment, the MMJ doctor will ask questions. Provide honest, complete answers and feel comfortable to ask the doctor anything you need to know about the use of medical marijuana.

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