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What Costs Do Painting Companies in Portland Consider?

The cost of hiring a painter can seem overwhelming since there is a lot involved. Besides the supplies, a good paint job involves a lot of manual labor and skill. The job of your house painter goes far beyond applying color to the walls. They may also need to clean, patch, sand, and perhaps remove old paint from the walls. All of which adds to the cost of painting.

Painting companies in Portland consider factors such as how many gallons of paint will be used, how big the painting project is, labor cost, and many more.

The Cost of Paint

When it comes to painting a home, the major expense is probably the cost of paint. A gallon of paint will cover up to 350 square feet. A primer costs anywhere between $30 and $50 per gallon. High-quality paint costs anywhere between $40 and $75 per gallon.

The Cost of Labor

If you see the prep work that needs to be done, you will realize that hiring a professional service such asESP Painting is a worthwhile investment. Taping the walls, protecting the floor, and covering the furniture are some of the steps that require extensive effort. Although necessary, all of these can take several hours.

Preparing the wall is essential before doing the paint job. Painting companies in Portlandmay charge around $400 to $500, which includes everything from paint supplies to labor work.

Miscellaneous Costs

It is important to keep in mind how much extra work and labor hours can accumulate when hiring painters. Things such as removing wallpaper, repairing drywall, painting accent walls, painting a dark wall with a lighter color, and other tasks add up.

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