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How To Prepare A Child For Their First Visit To The Pediatric Dentist In Homewood, AL

It is important for parents to start taking their children the pediatric dentist as soon they cut their first tooth. A Pediatric Dentist in Homewood, AL will make sure the child’s gums are healthy and that their first tooth is healthy. Many parents wait until their children are ready to start preschool to take them to a Pediatric Dentist in Homewood, AL. If parents are planning to take their child to the Pediatric Dentist there are a few things that they should do first to prepare the child for their first visit.

Read Books

There are several children’s books available that tell the story of the main character going to the dentist for the first time. This will give the child an idea of what happens at the dentist.

Schedule the Appointment at the Right Time

If the visit to the dentist is going to be a productive one, the child needs to be in a good mood. Parents should schedule the appointment after the child’s nap and after they have had lunch.

Give the Child Some Control

If a child is nervous about the first trip to the dentist, they can feel like they have no control. To change that, parents should allow the child to choose the outfit that they are going to wear that day or let them choose a toy to bring to the appointment. If the child feels that they have some control over the situation, they may feel better.

Take a Tour

If a child is very upset about visiting the dentist, parents should request a tour of the office before the child’s visit. It will give the child a chance to see the waiting room, the exam room, and to meet the staff. When the fear of the unknown is gone, the child might feel better about their first trip to the dentist.

Never Use the Word, “Hurt.”

When explaining the visit to the dentist to a child, parents should never mention the word, hurt. Even if they are trying to tell the child that it won’t hurt. As soon as a child hears the word, it can create a great deal of anxiety. Unless they ask if it will hurt, parents shouldn’t bring it up.

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