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Regain Full Confidence and Range of Motion through Physical Therapy

An unfortunate part of our world today is that accidents are bound to happen and they can happen to just about anyone. Going through an accident of any kind can be a very frightening and harmful experience. The good news is that even if you have been injured in an accident, there is still hope that you can fully recover and regain all your former flexibility and strength. Physical therapy is a great way you can do this.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a regimen that may be prescribed by professional healthcare workers, to complete the healing of an injury, surgery, or amputation. It usually involves systematic maneuvering of such parts of the body as the muscles and joints. Although the exact type of physical therapy will vary from person to person, because each one has his or her own unique needs, it will usually involve strength training, massage and heat treatment, along with other therapy implements that may be used. If the patient has to begin using a walker, braces, a wheelchair, or other mobility aids, then physical therapy will help him or her learn how to use it comfortably and give him or her the strength training needed to get around efficiently.

Why Would Someone Need Physical Therapy?

There are many procedures and injuries that, as part of the healing process, would require physical therapy. Here are a few times when you would need to go through some form of physical therapy:

  • After an Amputation – If you have had a limb, hand, or foot surgically removed, then getting used to moving around without the absent part can be tricky. Physical therapy Lancaster will help you adjust to going through your daily activities without the amputated part. If you are being given a prosthesis, then therapy will also help you learn how to use it properly, comfortably and just as effectively as you would have used your amputated part.
  • After a Fracture – Breaking a bone can be a very painful experience and it is important to set it right so it will heal properly. After the part of the body that contains the fractured bone has been in a cast for a while, it will not be as strong as it was before. When you are given physical therapy, it will help you develop more strength and flexibility.

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