Probate Attorney in Moline IL

The Importance of Retaining a Probate Attorney in Moline IL

Probate is the legal process that is used to validate or invalidate a will. It is also how the courts process an estate. If a person dies without a will or estate plan in place, the court will appoint a representative to handle the distribution of the estate. A Probate Attorney in Moline IL can help with your estate planning to make probate go smoothly and efficiently. The following will cover the probate matters that can be handled by an attorney.

Wills and Trusts

One of the reasons you need a will is to avoid problems between loved ones after you are gone. It also helps reduce the risk of being manipulated by someone you feel you can trust when it comes to signing documents for a will or estate that do not reflect your desires or intent. After all, making out your will is about having your desires made known for dividing up your money, property, and other assets. A lawyer can help prevent any deviation from your plan.

Conservatorships and Guardianships

A conservatorship is the process of appointing a protector, or guardian to help manage the affairs of a person who cannot take care of themselves either due to severe physical disabilities, mental limitations, or age. This makes the conservator completely responsible for the person in their care. Conservators handle financial, medical, long-term care, and basic home-care where applicable. Guardianships are designed mostly for the care of a minor child that has no caretaker.

Trust Administration or Litigation

Probate lawyers also provide trust administration and litigation for people who need to ensure their beneficiaries get the money they provide to them. The administration of a trust helps you develop a plan for your trust and get it set up right. A trust also sets up a trustee or a board of trustees to execute the trust. If any trustee breaches said duties, litigation may be necessary.

It is prudent to have an attorney to handle anything related to your estate planning and probate needs. Even people with a limited estate should have at least a will to make probate move faster. You can find a Probate Attorney in Moline IL to help you with all your probate related and estate planning needs. Law Offices of David J Franks Attorney-at-Law offers free consultations so there is no risk in finding out how they can help you.

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