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Checking Your Roof For Damage After Extreme Storms

For people who own a home in the Lombard area, one of the most essential areas to protect during inclement weather is the roofing system.

Understanding Your Roof and Extreme Weather

Because the roof tends to take the brunt of any extreme weather situation, it is often the most common area of the home that can experience damage during heavy wind, rain, snow, and ice events.

In most cases, if a roof is well kept, it can last for 30 years or longer.

However, any roof system can experience storm damage, no matter how old it is. The good news is that in most cases, roof damage from storms can usually be easily repaired.

Looking for Possible Roof Damage

When extreme weather strikes, homeowners should be diligent in checking their roof after a storm. Roof tiles that have buckled or shifted are signs of damage in a roof system that should be readily repaired. Checking the attic for roof leaks can be essential to ensure there is no hidden damage that is not easily visible. The longer roof damage is left, the more likely the area under the roof tiles, known as sub-roofing, will be compromised.

Visual inspection of roofs after extreme weather should be done in bright daylight. If the severe weather includes heavy snow, most of the roof will be covered and inaccessible. However, homeowners can check their attics to see if any water or snow penetration has occurred.

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