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Don’t Wait To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

Needless to say, if you are injured your primary concern is seeking medical care; equally urgent is getting in touch with San Antonio personal injury lawyers. It is not uncommon for delay contacting a lawyer but there are valid reasons why you should not put off contacting a seasoned lawyer; here are a couple of them:

* Loss or destruction of evidence: To prevail in a personal injury claim, your chances are far better if you and your lawyer are in a position to support your contention with rock solid evidence. The longer you wait to gather evidence the less chance you have of getting it. Witnesses become harder to locate and even if they can be found, their memory fades as time goes by. Physical evidence, such as photographs from the scene is more difficult to get and it may be harder to document the extent of your injuries. San Antonio personal injury lawyers lose no time in preserving all evidence that will prove to be helpful in the pursuit of your case.

* Statute of limitations: Any case that may arise from an injury must be filed in court within a specified time period. An experienced lawyer knows the statute of limitation that applies in Texas and will ensure the deadlines are met.

* Miss the opportunity of a quick settlement: In many cases the best resolution of a personal injury case is an out of court settlement. This settlement compensates the injured party and releases the defendant from the time and unnecessary expense of taking the case to trial.

These are but three reasons why hiring San Antonio personal injury lawyers makes a great deal of sense. You can get on with healing from your injuries, knowing that you have a skilled lawyer attending to your case.

If you have suffered injuries through no fault of your own you have the right to hire San Antonio personal injury lawyers and claim damages. To discuss your case you are invited contact the Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez.

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