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What to Know About Professional Teeth Whitening in Wrigleyville

If your teeth make you shy away from pictures, it may be time for teeth whitening in Wrigleyville. While you may buy the at-home product, teeth whitening from a professional dentist commonly get better results. Learn how professional teeth whitening works.

The Basic in-office Procedure

The dentist usually notes the current color of your teeth and moves your lips out of the way with a retractor or gauze. To protect the gums, they coat them with a gel and apply a high-powered light to harden them, which is called a gingival barrier. Some dentists may apply a compound to reduce teeth sensitivity.

The dentist then applies a light-activated or laser-activated whitening chemical, commonly made of hydrogen peroxide. They aim the light or laser at the substance to start the process of the teeth whitening in Wrigleyville, which can lighten the teeth by four to six shades. The whole session commonly lasts under an hour, but the time and number of sessions it takes depends on the shade you want.

Professional At-home Whitening Kits

Instead of the in-office procedure, you may have the option of professional at-home whitening kits. These kits require the dentist to get an impression of your teeth to make trays which commonly take one to two weeks to make. The design of the tray limits the risk of getting the whitening solution on the gums.

You should get instructions on how to use the tray, which requires a visit to the office. You then go to a follow-up appointment after about two weeks to check progress. If you choose an in-office procedure, the trays are often used for maintaining results.

Before you undergo teeth whitening in Wrigleyville, the dentist should ensure you make a good candidate. If you think teeth whitening in Wrigleyville is for you, check out Northalsted Dental Spa by visiting their website today.

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