The Benefits of Choosing an “Only Aluminum’ Supplier

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Business

If your business requires aluminum flat stock for applications, you want the best possible materials and the lowest possible prices. This is the best way to run an efficient operation and keep your customers happy. There are many companies which offer aluminum materials for production and processing, but most do not specialize in aluminum products only. You will realize a number of important benefits when you choose aluminum specialists and it can make a big difference in your profit margins. Here are some important reasons to go with a specialist supplier.

Quality Material

Aluminum flat stock should be free of imperfections like dings and dents. However, many metal suppliers deal in all different kinds of metals. As a result, your aluminum materials may be shipped in the same trucks or containers which once held rusty or dirty metals, or even alongside dirty metals. Do you really want corrosive materials with your aluminum?

An aluminum specialist only ships aluminum and there are minimal chances of contamination from other metals. This gives you higher quality materials to work with, and makes quality control easier. You’ll also save time because you won’t have to pay someone to inspect an entire shipment for contamination and damage, and this can lower your operating expenses.

Multi metal providers may not be very careful with their products. For example, if they ship all metal types, their shipments may not be handled with the proper care. For example, you can throw steel about and drop it into containers and because it is a hard metal, you probably will not receive much damage.

Aluminum is soft and it is easier to damage in shipment. Your aluminum specialists understand this and they are very careful how they load, pack, and ship their materials. You won’t have to worry about your aluminum shipment being shipped next to steel items, so this means less damage and problems.

Quality Service

Aluminum specialists only deal with aluminum products. In fact, they are experts in aluminum. Any time you have a question or concern these are the people you can turn to for assistance. They are there to help you choose the right aluminum alloy products which can greatly increase your business efficiency.

Better Prices

The top aluminum suppliers understand logistics. This is why they have a variety of service centers available. Shipping is a big part of the cost of aluminum and more service centers translates into shorter distances and lower shipping costs. Plus, you’ll receive your high grade aluminum flat stock in as little time as possible when you have shorter shipping distances.

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