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The Benefits of Implant Dentistry in New Haven CT

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry in New Haven CT

Implant Dentistry in New Haven CT provides many benefits to patients. Implants that replace one or two missing teeth, for example, can improve a smile, as well as increase dental health. When one or two teeth are missing, the teeth surrounding the area begin to shift. That can cause problems with speech, chewing, and the creation of more spaces and crevices in which bacteria can accumulate. That leads to more decay, issues with cleaning in between teeth, and more complications with eating and speaking. The space where the tooth once stood is now exposed to bacteria that can lead to disease along the gum line. Providing an implant in that space keeps other teeth in their proper place, prevents bone loss, and restores proper function for chewing and speaking.

Implants that secure dentures and bridges are better than dentures and bridges that are taken out daily in many ways. First, the maintenance of partials that are secured with adhesives, or anchored to other teeth, is costly. Cleaners, special brushes, and products to keep partials in place can get expensive quickly. Adhesives and films are not reliable, and can allow dentures to become loose, slide, and trap particles under the plates. That can be embarrassing, painful, and make chewing and speak difficult. Bridges that are anchored to other teeth can cause decay, wear down the enamel of the real tooth, and cause that tooth to shift, depending on the location and pressure placed upon it. Partials that are taken out regularly promote bone loss, and can impact the facial structure. Bone and the gum line recede, which alters the fit of the partials. It is necessary to have dentures and bridges re-fitted every few years to have them continue to be effective.

Having dentures and bridges implanted make them more secure, and easier to brush and maintain. Bone loss is minimized, and the muscles of the face retain their shape. It also allows partials to mimic the look and feel of real teeth, which helps increase function. Patients are more confident, more comfortable, and experience fewer issues with particles under and between plates. Implant Dentistry in New Haven CT has become more affordable, less painful, and improved due to advances in technology and equipment. Patients who want to be free of adhesives, slipping incidents, and compromised speaking and chewing can go to to learn about implant procedure options and benefits.

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