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The Best Of Kitchen Remodelling

The Best Of Kitchen Remodelling

So, you have decided to remodel the kitchen with a helping hand from interior designers – great! If you enjoy cooking, you will likely spend a lot of time chopping, dicing and frying ingredients in this room. To ensure it is as functional as it is stylish, it’s a good idea to prepare for those remodelling projects with a little style inspiration. Not only will you need to update the cabinets to give the room an entirely new look and feel but also, the countertops, appliances, colour theme and layout. Check out the following kitchen ideas if you want to add pizzazz to the heart of the home.

Contemporary Kitchens

If modern is your kind of thing, hire a home improvement specialist to assist you in designing a contemporary kitchen. A kitchen remodelling project of this kind will feature sleek designs, dark and light shades, natural materials and plenty of stainless steel. The aim is to make the space look rustic, yet artistic. A post-modern feel can be achieved if you introduce a variation of textures and metal hardware. Cabinets with frosted glass will give the space a distinct appearance and warm cherry tones will make the kitchen feel inviting for guests and members of the household.

Traditional Kitchens

A traditional kitchen will never go out of fashion, making this type of kitchen remodelling project a very worthwhile investment. Go traditional with glazed antique cabinets, worn vintage ornaments, open plate racks, and wooden chairs and tables. Most traditional kitchens will have open shelving or hooks, which can be used to hang pots, pans and other everyday cooking essentials. If you want to merge a little bit of modern with traditional, don’t be shy to introduce cutting-edge technology, whether it’s a television, stainless steel blender or hidden speakers.

Country Kitchens

Rustic furniture, ornaments inspired by the 1940s, kitchen islands – these are just a few things you will see inside a country kitchen. Materials with natural grain patterns will give the kitchen character and a range cooker will act as a focal point. An Aga oven will be a good investment, because it is eco-friendly and long-lasting. The material you will see the most in a country kitchen is wood. When selecting wooden fittings, appliances and shelves, choose walnut or beech wood. These dark and light shades contrast well against one another.

The team at Konstruct Interior Solutions have more than 35 years experience in kitchen remodelling. Call 07 3276 1948 to speak to kitchen specialists about remodelling projects. You can also watch video on Youtube.

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