The Cost of Dental Implants and the Benefits to You, Choose a Specialist in Downers Grove

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Dentist

Many residents in Downers Grove have heard that dental implants cost a lot. They may worry that their specialist is price-gouging. If you’ve decided that you want implants to replace missing teeth, it is essential that you learn the cost of dental implants in Downers Grove and are prepared financially and emotionally.

The Price

Single-tooth implants can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, and that’s if you don’t require bone grafting. When you ask the specialist about their prices, make sure it includes the actual cost of the surgery, as well as the consultation. In some cases, the price also includes any anesthetic you require and follow-up care. Be sure to ask for an itemized estimate of everything required to perform the procedure, giving you a better idea of how much it costs altogether.

If you require multiple-tooth implantation, the price goes higher. Sometimes, dentists offer discounts or specials if you choose to have multiple implants placed at once. You may also be a qualifying candidate for same-day implantation, which can keep costs a little lower because you only have one visit where everything is completed at the same time.

Considerations and Factors

If the price you could pay seems a little shocking, it’s only natural to think that way. However, implants do cost so much more because they require surgery. Imagine going to the hospital for a surgical procedure; you expect it to cost thousands of dollars because that is considered normal. Therefore, it makes sense that other surgical procedures (including those for the mouth) also cost more than dentures or bridges.

The cost of dental implants shouldn’t deter you from choosing a permanent tooth-replacement option. Visit EON Clinics in Downers Grove to learn more about financing.

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