The Importance Of Protective Work Wear

There are many industries where special attention to safety is extremely important. Far too many accidents happen, many of them could have been avoided or the results minimized if the individual had of been wearing protective clothing.

Wherever there is the risk of being exposed to chemicals or other harmful materials in industries such as pharmaceuticals, labs, tasks that involve the removal of harmful materials such as asbestos, mold removal and remediation and even auto repair the responsibility of both the employees and employers to wear protective suits. One material that has proven itself in many industrial environments is Tyvek, protective suits made from this material are inexpensive, easily disposed of as well as being tough and resistant to wear.

Tyvek protective suits:

Maintaining productivity and morale in the workplace means providing the employee with the right tools, a clean, safe and comfortable workplace and the correct protective clothing. Tyvek is a non-woven polypropylene material that actually breaths but is quite strong. When workers are outfitted in protective suits made from the revolutionary material their body heat and perspiration vapors pass right through while expelling the ingress of water or other forms of contamination.

Comfort is very important but comfort at the expense of strength is something to be avoided. Tyvek protective suits are hard wearing, resistant to abrasion, cool to wear and easy to dispose of. Tyvek protective suits are readily available in coverall style as well as styles providing complete cover from head to toe. These suits are ideal for those working in a clean room, assembling high tech components or biohazard environments.

As a responsible employer you owe it to your employees to provide them with whatever protective clothing and gear that is necessary. No one can be completely effective if they are trying to concentrate on their job and at the same time focus on staying safe.

Protective suits are a necessary safety precaution in many industrial environments. For a full range of protective suits and other safety equipment you are invited to visit the online shop of MPE, Miller’s Precision Enterprises. Like us on our facebook page.

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