The Most Cost-Efficient Flooring in Gilroy, CA

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Flooring

When you wake up in the morning and swing your legs out of bed, you might put your feet down on an uncomfortable floor. In a typical situation, the floor is cold. Your floor is colder than the room around you for several reasons. For one, heat sinks into the ground from the floor overnight. Also, heat rises, so your floor is colder than the air near your head. If you are trying to heat your home, this can be a serious problem. However, if you’re trying to keep your home cool, it can be a problem as well. During the summer, warm weather heats up the ground, and the ground doesn’t cool off as quickly as the ambient air. That heat seeps into your house through your floor. A cost-efficient flooring choice can keep that from happening.

Insulated Hardwood

Insulated hardwood is one of the most efficient forms of flooring in Gilroy, CA. In California, the temperature tends to stay pretty pleasant for a large part of the year, but you need to keep your floor insulated from the ground. Hardwood and tile in and of themselves are not very good insulators; they are what is known as thermal bridges. Heat travels pretty readily through hardwood. That’s why it’s important to get insulation for your hardwood or tile floors. Hardwood keeps heat from transferring into or out of your house. That means it’s easier to heat or cool your home and keep it there.


Carpet is a natural insulator. When choosing flooring, you will have the option of insulating your floor, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Because of the many fibers of a quality carpet, it insulates against heat transfer very well. There are also many different kinds of carpet.

Insulation is great when you want to keep your home heated or cooled. You could save a considerable amount of money on heating and cooling each year.

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