The Value of FMC Bag Machines’ Parts

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Business

With bag making machines, you can easily produce pouches and bags that can be used for packing various kinds of goods. These machines are helpful in a range of industries. One popular maker of these machines is FMC, with some FMC bag machines’ parts available to meet your needs.

FMC History
FMC acquired the company Hudson-Sharp in the 1950s, after which it made a name for itself in the production of durable bag machines and bag machine parts. Hudson-Sharp ended up divesting from FMC in 1998. However, FMC bag machines continue to enjoy the reputation of being sturdy and long lasting.

Bag Machine Functions
A bag machine has many different functions, with one of the most important ones being material feeding. In the machine’s feeding section, flexible packaging film that is roll fed is unwound from a particular feeder roll. The purpose of a feeder roller is to move this packaging film through the bag machine to execute the necessary operations. Feeding is typically an operation that happens intermittently, with other operations – including sealing as well as cutting–being completed once the feeding operation has come to a halt. A dancer system is used to keep constant tension on the film web. Both dancers and feeders are necessary to maintain critical accuracy and tension in feeding.

FMC bag machines feature many different types of parts, all of which play instrumental roles in the complex operations of these machines. Some FMC bag machines’ parts include the FMC thermocouple, spindle motor gear and timing belt. Other parts of these machines include nylon wheels, fingers, a drum screw block with bushing, gear screw bevels, base plates and timing pulleys. FMC’s machines also have parts such as spacers, washers, threaded rods, nuts, clamps and couplings.

A reputable provider of bag machine parts can efficiently and cost-effectively find solutions for your business through high-quality and reliable service. Be sure to choose a company that prides itself on offering prompt delivery, as this will ensure you get the parts you need right away and thus get back to business more quickly.

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