Tips for Buying Stainless Steel Sinks in Garden Grove

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Plumbers and Plumbing

Finding Sinks Garden Grove allows the homeowner to put the finishing touch on their dream kitchen, and commercial sinks give business owners the functionality and durability they need to get things done. Buyers can use the below tips to find the right sink for a business or home.

About the Sink

Choosing a kitchen design can leave one thinking of everything but the sink, but it’s a huge part of the room’s overall look. Sinks are used frequently, meaning that they should be versatile, durable and low-maintenance. Stainless steel sinks are highly resistant to staining, and can be one of the most affordable options.

Base Choice on Usage Frequency

A stainless steel sink’s gauge indicates the strength of the steel from which it is made. Higher-gauge steel is thinner and not as strong, but not all buyers need a low gauge. Businesses and households equipped with garbage disposals should avoid 22-gauge sinks, which are prone to vibration and damage. For these applications, 16-18 gauge sinks are appropriate.

Consider Function When Choosing a Sink Depth

The least expensive sinks from BJ Discount are about six inches deep, but they won’t hold very many dishes. They’re best for usage in single-person households. A nine- to ten-inch deep sink is sufficient for most homes, but not for commercial applications. The sink’s depth affects the person’s posture when washing dishes, and a deep sink can strain one’s back.

The Right Design Saves Cleaning Time

Capacity may be higher in a sink with squared edges, but it’s more difficult to get a cleaning utensil into those areas. Round-edged sinks are simpler to clean, which is vital when the sink sees heavy use.

Consider Undercoating

A buyer who focuses solely on the sink’s appearance may not pay attention to its undercoating. The material is used on the underside of the sink to protect against moisture, regulate water temperature and muffle noise. For a longer life on a stainless sink, a latex coating is the preferred option.

Choose the Right Size

It might seem fairly obvious that the buyer should choose the appropriate size sink, but many fail to measure the open space before making the decision. Avoid the hassle and unnecessary expense by having the contractor measure the area before buying Sinks Garden Grove.

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