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Tips for Planning a Pet Funeral

Many pet owners treat their four-legged, furry friends as much more than just a pet. In fact, nine out of ten owners of pets view them as a member of the family. This is why the spending on pats has gone up so much in the past few decades and why there are more and more options in regard to pet products on the market today. Due to the prominent status that most pets have in today’s household, it is only natural for owners to experience quite a bit of grief when their most valued friend passes away. As a result, many people plan a Pet Funeral and some tips to do this can be found here.

Choose a Location

For those who do not own their home, or move frequently during the lifetime of their pet, then a typical backyard burial might not be the best option. The good news is, there are a number of alternatives options for a Pet Funeral. There are pet funeral homes and graveyards that can be used when a burial on the property is not possible.

Plan the Ceremony

Giving a pet a nice sendoff often means ordering flowers, having photos printed and selecting touching music. If a pet owner has any videos of their family with the pet, now is the time to play them. This will provide a tribute to the animal and may even offer a bit of comic relief.

Tribute Crafts

Making a scrapbook of the pet is a great way to remember them. The simple act of making the scrapbook can be quite therapeutic. The activity offers a touching keepsake for the future and can hold several dozen pictures of the animal to look back on and remember them.

Taking the time to find out how to plan and carry out a pet funeral can be beneficial. For more information feel free to contact the professionals from Evergreen Washelli. Losing a pet can be devastating, but being able to say goodbye and have closure, much like with a human loved one, can be quite helpful in dealing with the loss. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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