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Tips on Choosing the Best Towable Yard Trailers

Tips on Choosing the Best Towable Yard Trailers

Is your marina or boat business growing? Maybe you have more business these days and you could use more equipment. You could buy some cheap yard trailers but they may not hold up to the hard work they need to do for you. Instead, you should consider top quality equipment and here are some important features to include.


The trailer frame is perhaps the most important feature to consider. For example, look for open center frames. This gives you a lot of room between the rails for keel blocking. A strong trailer with this kind of frame keeps perfect alignment. This makes it easier to pick up and drop off boats.

Independent hydraulic beam suspension frames give you several important benefits. First, you can raise or lower each beam independently if you need to. Make sure to include low profile industrial rated tires. This lets you carry a great deal of weight even on uneven or soft ground.

Hydraulic Features

Electric powered hydraulics for yard trailers makes it easy to operate. Make sure to choose a trailer with double locking cylinder valves for maximum safety. Also, a trailer with rear arm capable of pivoting gives you more versatility.


Many yard trailers have few options. In fact, you must take the equipment in its original condition. However, if you go to a trusted yard trailer manufacturer you can enjoy options like these:

* Galvanized or painted frame and other steel components

* Stainless steel hardware

* Longer frame – you can choose a trailer with an extended frame

* Onboard battery charger

* Pneumatic or solid tires

* Wired or wireless remote control operation

* 5th wheel gooseneck connection

Talk to your trailer manufacturer about all the available equipment and options. They can create the perfect custom trailer for your company.

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