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Truck Accident Attorneys in Pittsburgh: Truck Accidents Explained

Trucks are among the biggest automobiles you will encounter on the roads. While truck accidents are relatively seldom occurrences, they are often tragic with disastrous consequences. Such accidents usually cause incredible damages and bodily injuries, which makes it imperative that you consult with Truck Accident Attorneys Pittsburgh, who will help you in recovering damages for your car repairs and the costs of your medical treatments. Some of the truck accidents are attributed to the actions of the truck drivers, including the following:

* Driving without having acquired the requisite training and qualifications

* Driving at a speed that is above the speculated limit in a bid to meet deadlines

* Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

* Driving continuously without taking the much needed breaks for rest

* Failure to secure loads

* Loading beyond the allowed maximum capacity

* Failure to comply with the prescribed pre-trip inspection

However, sometimes the driver of the smaller vehicle will be found at fault due to the following reasons:

* Cutting lanes in front of the trucks

* Failure to maintain an appropriate distance from the truck

* Attempting to overtake a truck from the wrong lane

* Driving recklessly in between trucks

* Failure to heed the signals of an approaching truck

* Drinking while driving

These are just a few among the numerous violations that may result in fatal truck accidents. There are special regulations and laws governing the trucking industry, which are designed to curb accidents that involve trucks.

In the event that you get involved in a truck accident and sustained injuries or vehicle damage from it, it is essential to note that the law will afford you certain protections. However, in order to improve your chances of getting fair and just compensation for the damages and/or injuries incurred in a truck accident, you will want to contact seasoned Truck Accident Attorneys Pittsburgh.

This is especially because there are numerous factors affecting the insurance coverage and if you are not adequately familiar with the various rules pertaining to different types of coverage you may find the situation extremely difficult. Contact Thomas E. Crenney & Associates, LLC to access reputable lawyers who have handled numerous truck accident cases in the past.

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