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Types Of Policies Available Through Car Insurance Companies Urbandale IA

It is the law in most states that anyone driving a vehicle must have insurance. Drivers cannot register their vehicle unless they can show proof of insurance. Before new drivers purchase an insurance policy, it is a good idea that they understand the types of insurance that are available. Car Insurance Companies Urbandale IA offer a few options, and drivers should understand what is available so they can choose the policy that is best for them.

Comprehensive Full Coverage

This is the highest level of coverage available. If a driver is in an accident, which they caused, this insurance will cover both vehicles that were in the accident. The damage to both vehicles would be covered under the insurance plan, as well as the driver and the passengers in both vehicles. If the driver’s vehicle was damaged after hitting an animal or something other than another vehicle, this type of insurance would cover the damage. If the vehicle was stolen or damaged during a break-in, comprehensive full coverage insurance would cover it. Finally, if a vehicle was damaged in a fire or flood, it would be covered as well.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the minimum insurance allowed to register a vehicle. If a person is involved in an accident that they caused, their vehicle would not be covered under the insurance. The other vehicle and the people in that vehicle would be covered, but the driver who was at fault would be required to pay for the damage to their vehicle out of their own pocket. Because this type of insurance offers less coverage, the monthly premiums are less expensive than comprehensive full coverage.

Uninsured Motorist

Unfortunately, not everyone obeys the law regarding having insurance when they drive a car. If a driver is hit by someone who has no insurance, this type of insurance would cover the damage. Later, the insurance company can go after the responsible driver for the cost of the damage. This type of insurance would also cover the damages to a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run. Because the responsible driver is not around to take responsibility, this type of insurance would cover it.

Automobile insurance can be confusing. Before drivers purchase a policy, they learn about each policy and what it covers from Car Insurance Companies Urbandale IA. For more information, Visit Absolute Insurance Agency.

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