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Understanding Functional Medicine and Why It Is Beneficial

Functional medicine can be looked as a forward thinking approach to addressing the needs of patients in current times. There are many different issues that can be addressed in comparison to those of past times and as with everything, times – technology, medicine, people change. Functional medicine in Denver CO, directly focuses on an approach surrounding the patient, their history and so forth instead of completely focusing upon a disease or illness that they have. While treating diseases and illnesses is any practitioner’s goal – everyone is different as is how their body may react to a treatment plan. Not everything works for everyone the same, bottom line.

Handling Chronic Illnesses
There are many chronic illnesses that people suffer from and by utilizing functional medicine in Denver CO, amongst other areas that offer this form of help – doctors are taking more time to understand and educate their patients so their chronic illnesses are maintained and the patient’s quality of life is optimized.

Acute Care
Functional medicine is more directed towards those patients as an acute care treatment plan versus those who need more serious medical attention due to an emergency. Emergencies would include broken bones, illnesses that require surgical procedures, etc. Acute care does tend to lack in the functional medicine approach which is why there is a ‘gap’ so to speak between how doctors and physicians worldwide treat their patients.

There Are Alternate Options Available
No one likes feeling ill, being in pain or feeling helpless in a situation especially when they are turning towards professionals for much needed guidance and support. The thing everyone needs to remember is that there are no set standards, so to speak on what takes care of what – whether it be prescriptions, holistic treatments, chiropractic care etc. We all need to know there are alternatives and when it comes to your health – you should feel comfortable and know all options available to you to help in your current situation.

When you visit a functional medicine practitioner in Denver CO, you can and should expect to spend a lot more one on one time with them. You will build a rapport and they are more interested in getting to know you for you, your family history, symptoms, and care you have received in the past. If you have been suffering for quite some time and your treatment plans for your illness or symptoms do not seem to be getting any better, it may be time to consider seeking out a functional medicine practitioner in the near future.

Parker Integrated Health is offering a functional medicine approach to their patients and taking the time to address the needs of individuals in a different manner than traditional medicine practices. Check them out today!

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