What Conditions Make A Root Canal Necessary?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Dentist

People avoid dentists, associating them with pain. Dental pain isn’t easy to endure, because there is no position in which we can lie to ease the pain, and no deep breathing exercises we can do to stop the pain. We’re afraid we might need a root canal in Naperville.

Patients will only need a root canal in certain circumstances when the pulp of the tooth has been subjected to bacteria. What are those circumstances?

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay begins on the surface of the tooth where biting is done. If teeth aren’t brushed, then the decay sits there, eating away at the enamel of the tooth. Then the decay eats down into the body of the tooth or the dentin. It quickly eats through this, and then progresses down into the root of the tooth. The pulp is located there, and contains the nerves of the tooth.

The nerve will die. The result is pain, swelling, and infection. However, in a root canal by a Naperville dentist, the infected tissue is plucked out, and the root thoroughly cleaned, refilled, and sealed off.

Tooth Trauma

There are two types of tooth trauma: when a tooth splits or cracks, and when it gets knocked out. Dentists can work with a tooth that’s been knocked out if the tooth was saved. If the tooth wasn’t saved, then a root canal and crown will be necessary.

When a tooth splits or cracks, then there is more opportunity for bacteria to get into the root of the tooth and cause trouble. If no infection is in the root, a dentist will patch the tooth with resin or a cap. If the root is infected, though, a root canal in Naperville will be necessary.

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