What Counts as Age Discrimination in the Workplace?

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Lawyers

Age employment discrimination can be difficult to spot and make a claim for as it isn’t as obvious or widely discussed as some other forms of discrimination. We don’t even consciously realize that it is such a prevalent part of our society and does keep people from jobs and promotions they deserve. This quick guide will help you to determine if you or someone you know has been a victim of age discrimination and when you should contact a lawyer:

1. Rejected for Being Too Old

This is the most prevalent example of age discrimination; when an employer or manager passes over someone due to their age and gives a job or promotion to someone who is less experienced and qualified. They may feel as if the older person will be less resistant to change, holds onto outdated work practices, or will leave the position sooner.

2. Rejected for Being Too Young

While age discrimination in the workplace is most common towards older people, Forbes has found that young people can be victims too, regardless of their qualifications or suitability for job roles. It can be difficult for them to claim, however, as the EEOC only protects workers over the age of 40. Young people already have enough trouble finding work in a difficult economy so if they have been victims of age employment discrimination, they shouldn’t shy away from hiring a lawyer.

3. Harassment

Work place bullying or harassment can also occur due to somebody’s age and is a serious problem. If the harassment is severe and a supervisor does nothing to stop it (or is the harasser themselves) then the victim is protected by the law.

Even if you fear that you won’t be able to claim, it is always important to contact an attorney in cases of age discrimination to bring the person to justice and take steps towards ending society’s attitude towards it.

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