What to Consider in an Auto Repair Shop

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Automotive Services

Choosing an auto repair shop is like choosing a doctor for your car. You will save time and money by picking the right one the first time. This is because picking the wrong shop can lead to unneeded repairs. This means wasted time and money. You lose time waiting on parts to come in and the work to be done, then, even though it did not fix your issues, you are still expected to pay for the work. So, how can you be sure you are picking a good auto repair shop in Mokena?


Experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to diagnosing and fixing a car. Experience will let your mechanic differentiate between problems with similar symptoms and avoid wasting time and money replacing good parts. Everyone starts somewhere, however, so just be sure that there is at least one ASE Certified mechanic on staff when you drop your car off. These are mechanics that are specially certified and have been designated to a class. Try to find a shop that has a master mechanic on staff at all times.

Parts Availability

Most shops will have a basic selection of parts such as belts and hoses as well as a few hard parts too. For other parts, however, most shops will either have to order them or purchase them from a local parts house. Find out how the shop handles these situations to determine how long it will take to get the parts you need. Smaller, locally might be able to send someone to the local parts house when needed, but the bigger brands will have faster access to parts deliveries.

Choosing the right mechanic the first time will save you time and money on car repairs. Be sure that your chosen shop has a certified mechanic, preferably a master mechanic. Also, be sure they will not take a week to get you a part delivered.

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