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When To Consider Home Care Assistance

When To Consider Home Care Assistance

There are many different times when having some support in the home can make a potentially difficult situation very comfortable and safe for everyone in the family. For adult children with elderly parents, for new mothers, or for those recovering from illness or surgery, having home care assistance in place makes all the difference in being at home.

To understand when to consider home care support, there are a few factors to keep in mind. These services may be used for short or long term depending on the needs of the individual.

Elderly Individuals

Many seniors dread the thought of moving out of their home and prefer to stay in surroundings that are comfortable and familiar. The family may be concerned about an elderly family member or parent living on his or her own if there is a history of medical problems, falls or even concerns about day to day maintenance and personal care.

With home care assistance the elderly family member can stay in his or her own home and still receive the level of care needed. For some, this may include companionship and light cooking and cleaning support and assistance. For other individuals, it may involve monitoring medications or making sure the patient has continual care when the family is at work or has other obligations.

New Mothers

Having a newborn in the home is a significant change for any family. With home health care support to allow the new mother to focus on bonding with and caring for the infant, the first few days or weeks can be stress-free for the entire family.

The home health care provider can assist with childcare for both the newborn as well as older children. They can also provide the much-needed support in answering questions and helping with any specialized care required for the mother or the child.


After a surgical procedure or illness, returning home can be a challenge. The patient may well need a few weeks or months to recover fully, and this is where home care assistance can truly provide a benefit.

The nurses or nursing assistant will be able to assist with personal hygiene and routine requirements around the home. In some cases, the health care service may also provide assistance in the hospital, making the transition to support at home even easier.

Regardless of the specific need, a top home health care service will be able to customize a program to match the needs of the patient. These caregivers also provide companionship and a friendly, familiar professional to provide the emotional support and encouragement needed in difficult times.

At Capital City Nurses we provide qualified, professional and experienced nurses and nurse’s assistants to care for patients in their homes with customized home care assistance. To learn more, visit our website at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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