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Why The Expertise Of Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers Matters

Why The Expertise Of Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers Matters

For a small project or for a large installation of fiber optic cable, working with a company that can provide more than just the basic materials needed for the job is one of the key factors to consider.

There is a wide range of different cable options, features, designs, and considerations, which can be challenging for any project manager or procurement team to analyze and consider. By partnering with the best in fiber optic cable suppliers, the process of narrowing down the right cable, connectors, and even the type of jacket for the cable.

The Basics

To maximize the benefits of working with the top fiber optic cable suppliers, the contractor needs to have information about the project. By having the details of the project, the cable suppliers can assist in choosing the best cable and supplies based on the specifics of the job.

For example, in most long runs of cable, the single-mode cable is often the best option. This cable is able to carry the signal without significant loss, even up to distances of 12-15 miles. The offset to this is the cost of the hardware for single-mode cable. While it is more expensive, \ it can also be designed to be durable and have a long life cycle.

Multi-mode fiber optic cable is less costly, and there are different options in this cable based on the speed required by the end-user. The hardware support for this type of cable is also cheaper, but it is not as effective if used over long distances.

Working with experienced fiber optic cable suppliers allows you to determine all aspects of the cable to meet the specific application requirements. They can provide insight into reducing insertion loss and boosting return loss to make the entire system more efficient.

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