You Can Overcome an Addiction While Treating a Mental Health Disorder

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Mental Health

If you have a drug addiction in addition to an anxiety disorder, then you need co-occurring mental health treatment in Minneapolis at a substance abuse center. You might worry about seeking help for substance abuse because you need medication for your mental health issue. Several types of prescription medication can make overcoming an addiction difficult, and some substance abuse facilities struggle with medicating clients to prevent the symptoms from an anxiety disorder because it affects the drug or alcohol treatment program. First, you need a new evaluation to determine how to treat your mental health issue while you are overcoming an addiction problem.

We Offer Outpatient or Residential Addiction Treatment Plans

Mental health treatment from Minneapolis experts at a residential or outpatient substance abuse clinic can change your life. In addition to the right types of medications for your mental health disorder, you can receive individual or group counseling to learn new ways to overcome the debilitating symptoms from chronic anxiety. With help from a counselor, you can learn why you have an anxiety disorder so that you can learn how to reduce its effects. Seeking treatment for your mental health and addiction issues at the same time can radically improve your life.

Contact Our Representatives to Have Treatment for Mental Health Issues

When you are using illegal drugs or alcohol to cope with a mental health issue, you are going to have additional problems. At a rehabilitation facility, experts can determine if you have a mental health problem to plan the appropriate treatment with therapy and medications. Look for a facility that offers co-occurring mental health treatment while you are resolving your substance abuse problems. Contact us at River Ridge today for additional information at our website

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