Bathroom Plumbing in Northbrook

2 Simple Repairs for Bathroom Plumbing in Northbrook

Many homeowners would rather do home repair projects on their own but might be worried about what they can actually do and what they’ll need to contact a professional for.

Fixing an Accessible Leak

There is some plumbing in the bathroom that is easy to access. For instance, in many homes, the plumbing to the sink is just hidden in the cabinets that hold the sink. When the homeowner spots a leak there, they might want to go ahead and try to repair it on their own. Often, the leak is caused by pipes that are no longer securely connected. The homeowner can tighten the pipes to see if the leak stops. If just tightening it doesn’t work, they might want to try using plumber’s tape between the pipes. However, if the pipes are damaged, they’ll need to replace them. When the pipes are easily accessible, this can be easy for the person to do by simply taking out the piece that’s damaged and replacing it with a new piece.

Clearing the Drains

When it comes to Bathroom Plumbing in Northbrook, one of the biggest problems is clogged drains. The homeowner might be able to see the clog if it isn’t far down and pull it out of the drain. This is often the case for showers or tubs. If they cannot see the clog or reach it, and it’s only one drain that is clogged, they can use a tool called a “snake” to push through the clog. This breaks it down so whatever is causing the clog can finish going down the drain. With stubborn clogs, ones that are too far down or when multiple drains are having the same issue, it might be better to contact a plumber for help.

While there are some tasks a homeowner can handle on their own, if there are issues with their Bathroom Plumbing in Northbrook that they don’t know how to fix or aren’t confident they can fix on their own, it’s a good idea for them to contact BMW Plumbing, Inc. The homeowner can have a professional quickly do the necessary repairs and ensure everything is working properly once again.

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