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Finding and Hiring a Lawyer for Bedsores Around the State of New York

Hospital patients and nursing home residents around New York City often have to spend large amounts of time sitting in bed. The medical staff of these practices needs to make sure that they are constantly turning and adjusting their patients regularly.

When medical staff aren’t adjusting their patients, they can end up getting bedsores that affect them. These are some of the reasons why you should be contacting a bedsore attorney in Nassau County if you end up with bedsores.


Medical practices always need to be making sure that they are always taking care of their patients. If you end up with bedsores, it’s clear proof that they aren’t doing so.

By contacting an attorney, you can give a medical practice financial reasoning for them to take care of their patients better. This can even lead them to do better in more serious factors they are neglecting. Ensure the accountability of medical professionals by contacting a bedsore attorney in Nassau County.


After you’ve gotten bedsores, you might end up having to wait months for them to year. This can financially affect you, especially in terms of treatment and having to take days off of work.

An attorney can help you by giving you financial compensation for all of the pain you had to endure, ensuring that you don’t fall into financial ruin. Give a lawyer a call to get the financial compensation you need for your bedsores.

The Right Lawyer to Call

Now that you understand the importance of accountability and financial compensation, it’s time to find a lawyer. You’ll want to contact Sinel & Olesen, PLLC.

For decades, this law firm has been helping medical patients get the compensation they need for their bedsores. You can learn more about the services they offer by checking out

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Work With a Bedsore Lawyer in Nassau County If You Suspect to Neglect

When prolonged pressure is exerted on the skin, this can result in a bedsore. Bedsores are also called pressure sores. Since blood flow is restricted, the skin begins to break down. Unfortunately, bedsores can occur in nursing homes when staff members are neglectful. Family members of an individual with a bedsore may want to work with a bedsore attorney in Nassau County in this situation.

It is common for individuals to experience bedsores on their heels, buttocks, hips, or back of the head. They are preventable when proper care is given. Bedsores can result in other medical complications, including gangrene, bone infections, sepsis, and even death.

Medical staff in the nursing care facility can prevent or care for bedsores in a variety of ways. They need to monitor the skin, keep the skin dry, reposition the individual, provide the right mattresses, and keep pressure off areas of the body that are bony.

Individuals who feel that their loved one has experienced abuse or neglect in a nursing home can speak with a bedsore attorney in Nassau County. The attorney will be able to evaluate the situation and help them determine if they have a case.

Thousands of bedsore lawsuits are filed every year. It is common for cases to be settled before they go to trial. It is important to work with an experienced and qualified attorney when dealing with a case like this.

Learn how the legal team at Sinel & Olesen, PLLC knows how to handle all types of bedsore cases and how they will evaluate your situation for free by visiting their website at

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