Custom Hardwood Floor Staining Wilton CT

Wilton CT Homeowners: 3 Considerations for Custom Hardwood Floor Stain

Wood flooring adds an organic element to any home. You may be considering changing the color of the flooring if you are unhappy with it or remodeling. Custom staining for your hardwood floors is an option that may save time and money, and here is what you should consider for the project.

Style of Your Home

The style of your home largely dictates the general tone that you should choose for your wood floors. Darker wood floors add warmth but may make rooms look smaller. Light floors brighten a space, but the natural grain of the wood may get lost in the color choice.

Natural Wood Color and Grain

The wood flooring of your home has a natural color, whether it is the golden hue of pine and oak or the red hue of mahogany and cherry. This color works as a backdrop with your custom stain, and some color changes may not be possible. Also consider the grain of the wood, as this contributes to the overall beauty, and some custom stains may diminish the contrast of the grain.

Stain Color

Once you know the desired style of the room and aspects of the natural wood that need to be considered, you can choose a stain color that will closely match your vision. Work with a company that specializes in custom hardwood floor staining in Wilton, CT to ensure that your floors are just what you imagine.

Learn More About Custom Hardwood Floor Staining in Wilton, CT

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