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Root Canals are Easier Through the Dentist in Salem, OR

The goal of your dentist is to help you keep a healthy and beautiful smile. This is done through regular checkups, dental cleanings, and care. Unfortunately, there are dental conditions that can arise and cause damage to your teeth. When serious damage occurs because of infection or decay, a root canal is often needed. This procedure can help to stop the damage and save your tooth from needing to be pulled.

A root canal is nothing to be overly concerned about. Many people fear this procedure simply because they are not properly informed of what takes place. The entire procedure is done while the patient is under anesthesia. No pain is felt during the root canal, and most people report feeling only minor discomfort once their procedure has taken place.

The dentist in Salem, OR will first open the tooth that needs work. This will allow the inner structures to be removed so they do not continue to cause damage. The inner pulp is the softest part of the tooth. It is removed, along with the nerve, through the opening the dentist creates.

Once the tooth tissue is removed, tools called canal files are used to scrape down the inner portions of the roots so they are completely clean. Once clean, the tooth can be filled with a special material that seals the opening in the tooth, fills in the inner portions, and makes the tooth much stronger and structurally sound.

Once this first filling is cured and hardened, the dentist in Salem, OR will place a sealant material over the tooth. This offers further protection and helps to prevent breakage during normal chewing and biting motions.

When a tooth has been treated through a root canal procedure, it sometimes needs to be capped with a crown. This seals off the tooth entirely so it is surrounded by a protective sheath.

If you are in need of a root canal or any other dental procedure, click here. This dentist will provide you with the expert dental services you need so your smile stays healthy.

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