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The Top Benefits of Hair Testing in Suffolk County, NY

Drug testing helps keep everyone in the workplace safe. Hair, blood and urine samples can be used to test for drugs. However, hair testing Suffolk County NY is the best option. There are several benefits that come along with hair testing.

90-Day Detection Window

There are several tactics that drug users may try to use in order to pass a drug test. However, they won’t be able to hide their drug use if they have their hair tested. They won’t be able to use a special shampoo to get the drugs out of their hair.

Hair testing in Suffolk NY can detect drugs that have been in one’s system for 90 days. That is why hair testing is ideal for both pre-employment testing and random drug testing.

Fast And Reliable Results

You can quickly get results if you choose hair testing. You will likely be able to get results within 24 to 72 hours. The results are accurate. Marijuana metabolites, opiates, PCP and cocaine are some of the drugs that can be detected in one’s hair.

Easy to Perform

The tester will only have to take a small portion of the hair. They will usually take about 100 to 120 strands of hair. The hair will be cut close to the scalp. After that, the hair will be secured in foil and then sent to the laboratory to be tested.

If you are in need of hair testing Suffolk County NY, then you can contact Land, Sea & Air Medical Review Specialist, Consulting & Testing Inc. for more information.

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