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An Introduction to Azeip’s Early Intervention Services in AZ

Arizona has an early intervention service, AZEIP, to provide resources and support to families in need. The mission is to help children up to three years of age with developmental delays and disabilities by providing them with medical, physical, and social services.

What is Early Intervention Services?

The Arizona Early Intervention Program is a system of services was designed to help kids develop their social skills, communication skills, self-regulation, and executive functions. It’s also designed to help parents provide support for their child’s development.

Qualified professionals have developed their system of services over the span of years through research, interviews with parents, and professionals in the field to identify individual areas of support.

How Do Early Intervention Services Help Children?

The goal is to provide quality early intervention services to all children with disabilities and their families.

They do this by providing a variety of programs and services such as: providing information and resources, facilitating training, providing consultation to parents, conducting assessments, providing therapy sessions for children with disabilities, offering respite care for parents of children with disabilities.

How To Get The Most Out of an Early Intervention Service

  • Understand your child’s needs and strengths.
  • Look at the relationship with your child and their career
  • Learn about how to develop your child’s skills


AZEIP provides services that are tailored to the needs of the individual child and family.

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