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2 Troubleshooting Tips to Follow for ECG Equipment at Your Facility

Has your diagnostic staff at your cardiology facility been advising you of the inconsistencies they have been experiencing when performing ECG examinations on patients? Are you concerned that you may need to replace the equipment which may cost your facility a significant amount of resources? Are you wondering what you should do to reduce costs while maintaining top-quality care services? If so, then here are two troubleshooting tips to help you determine whether or not your facility’s ECG equipment will require replacement.

Check the Electrodes

One troubleshooting tip is to check the electrodes you are using. If you have not replaced or are not using fresh electrodes, then it is likely one reason why your diagnostic team is experiencing inconsistencies when performing ECG examinations on patients. Replacing the electrodes with new electrodes may resolve the issue.

Check ECG Cables

Another troubleshooting tip to help you determine whether or not your facility’s ECG equipment will require replacement is to check the ECG cables for any damages. Broken leadwires or cables can prevent the signal from reaching the monitor. Replace the cables immediately to ensure accurate and precise results.

Searching for the Leading ECG Equipment and Accessories Supplier

Perhaps you are now searching for the leading electrodes and ECG cable suppliers in the market but do not know who you should trust that will understand your cardiology facility’s needs. When searching for electrodes and ECG cable suppliers, consider choosing a highly reputable and reliable supplier. Choosing this type of company will ensure that they provide you with exceptional ECG equipment and accessories.

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