Titanium Dental Implants from a Clinic for Family Dentistry in Salisbury, NC

More people than ever are choosing dental implants instead of bridges or dentures. That has encouraged more general dentists to acquire the training needed to offer this service. Many patients now can receive implants at a clinic for family dentistry in Salisbury, NC instead of having to go to an oral surgeon. That’s advantageous when someone prefers to have all their dental care done at one practice. They can get regular checkups and professional teeth cleaning there, as well as any necessary treatments and optional cosmetic service.

Dental implants are usually made of titanium because this metal readily bonds with the jawbone and the vast majority of people have no problems with it. The rods, when implanted in the bone, become very much like natural tooth roots. Titanium is lightweight and strong, which is why the metal is also used for hip, knee and other joint replacements. People with dental implants can essentially forget that they don’t have their original teeth and instead have replacements. The implants don’t shift around, they don’t have to be removed for cleaning, and the posts on top of the rods look just like natural teeth.

A person who wants implants but is worried about the possibility of metal allergies may consult a dentist with a clinic for family dentistry in Salisbury, NC. Some individuals notice that wearing cheap jewelry makes their skin itch, but the problematic metal is usually nickel. Dental implants never contain nickel, as it is unsuitable for this purpose and a relatively large percentage of the population is allergic to it. In fact, up to 15 percent of humans are estimated to be sensitive to nickel.

That’s a big contrast to titanium. In some studies, attempting to identify percentages of humans with metal allergies, nobody in the test groups have been shown to have a titanium sensitivity. Titanium sensitivity is rare, but testing is available if anyone has a reason to think he or she might be sensitive to titanium. A person who is considering getting one or more dental implants can consult a practice such as Robert S. Ogden DDS PA to discuss the various options.

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