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Tips to Save Money on a Ford Explorer Rental In New York, NY.

Traveling around New York, NY. is a lot easier when you have your own car. Many who visit the city find that a Ford Explorer rental in New York, NY. can be quite a bit more expensive than they imagine it would be. There are some tips that can help reduce those expensive Ford Explorer rentals.

The first tip is to look at if you actually need a Ford Explorer rental in New York, NY. for the length of your stay. Many assume that they always need to have a car at the ready . The problem with this comes in the form of parking. Spaces are limited and are first come first serve. Parking at your hotel lobby will often be valet and can easily cost almost $30 a day. Depending on where you plan on visiting you may only need a car for a short period of time. Many rental locations offer hourly rentals that can save you a lot of money over the conventional rental contracts.

Insurance is usually one place where renters rarely consider an alternative. Few realize that they may already have coverage. Many policies already cover accidents that occur when you are driving a rental car. Call your current insurance agent to see if you are covered. Many are surprised to find out that they are indeed covered. For those that have credit cards they may also be covered. Some credit card providers offer rental insurance coverage for their clients.

Rental car companies offer discounts to frequent members. The requirement to becoming a frequent or premier renter is simply joining the club. Some rental car companies will charge a small membership fee, others will not. Joining these clubs will offer discounts as well as having your preferences on file so you can simply reserve the car you want for the length you want it online. This enables you to skip the counter and get in your car and go.

When it comes to saving money with a Ford Explorer rental in New York, NY. there are some tips that renters can use to help save money. Make it a point to check to see if you are already covered by your current insurance policy. In some cases, you can rent a car hourly and return it without having to worry about it for the length of your stay. Visit C.C. Rental at for more details. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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