fun things to do in Downtown Philadelphia

Don’t Fail To Do These Fun Things While In Downtown Philadelphia

When you mention Philadelphia, people are quick to point out its history points, such as the cemetery in which Ben Franklin was buried and the Independence Hall. History is nice and fulfilling, but what about living in the moment? Perhaps having some fun and leaving the history lessons for the formal days. Skip the historical tours and get a dose of fun things to do in Downtown Philadelphia.

Try new food

There’s a wide range of restaurants, fast food joints, and hotels that cater to the cultural diversity in Philadelphia. Try something new. Perhaps this is your chance to dig into a Japanese made plate. Have you tried tacos? Chinese food, maybe? You have to try a Philly-style bagel specially made with beer and love. You won’t exhaust the menus held in the numerous joints in downtown Philly.

Go clubbing

If you are a fan of nightlife, Philadelphia changes its moods in the night. Go shopping in the afternoon for a clubbing outfit and slip into it once the short arm of your clock ticks at nine in the night. Try new cocktails on a karaoke Wednesday. Discover new clubs around the city and make new friends while at it.

Tour free concerts

As you would know, Philadelphia has one of the most enticing movie-shoot stages. Sometimes the biggest acts touring the city will host a bonus show for the fans for free. Mostly they are set up in the afternoon on Fridays after a week of hard work. Be sure to reserve your tickets in advance before they sell out. Get to meet your favorite celebrity for free!

Don’t worry about the season or time of the month. Every day is a hearty day in Philadelphia. There you have it! A short list of fun things to do in downtown Philadelphia. If you want to see more, tour the city and discover more, reach One Liberty Observation Deck through our contact information to book a day with us.

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