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Tapping the dial buttons on a thermostat usually induces a sense of security, a feeling of trust in the modern heating unit to function as it should – spinning heat in and out of ventilation as needed for comfortability.

Most forced air furnaces contain two separate systems for airflow while making use of a series of internal parts with a singular objective: to rid itself of toxic fumes and temperature regulation according to precisely-timed control inputs. Process stages like ignition, air circulation, and combustion are performance-dependent. When the system begins to operate less than efficiently, things can quickly become uncomfortable. For customers needing Heating Services Across Lincoln, NE, the colder months necessitate peak operation. Here are a few of the most common HVAC troubleshooting tips for quick diagnosis until it’s time to call the professionals.

Why Won’t the Furnace Turn On?

What’s known as an Inducer Motor draws in available air to burn which sends a signal to a Vacuum Switch, telling the system to initiate the heat circulation process. Since this switch doubles as a safety mechanism – ensuring that ignition won’t occur if the toxic fumes can’t be dispersed properly – it remains open as a sign that there’s an issue between the switch and the fan motor.

It Acts Like It Wants to Start…What Gives?

Once the switch is able to close, electricity is carried down the line through subsequent switches (Flame Rollout Limit Switches, Safety Limit Switch), allowing the thermostat’s control board to continue the start-up. A defective igniter can prevent the system from turning on, obstructing combustion.

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