Installing AC Systems

Installing AC Systems in Northern Alabama

The older the residential HVAC system or air conditioning system, the more dramatically its efficiency can decrease, becoming noisy and requiring more frequent repairs. An air conditioning unit that more than 10 years old is becoming costly due to continual repairs, it might be a good decision to replace it with a newer, higher-efficiency version.

An Air Conditioning System

A standalone air conditioning installation in Madison, AL, cools and controls humidity in all parts of a home. The system typically draws in air from outside through a vent to the indoor heat exchanger. Air refrigeration or conditioning takes place in the form of heat removal through convection, radiation of conduction.

Air Conditioner Types

Different types apply depending on the situation:

  • Split system
  • Packaged system
  • Ductless mini-split
  • Window AC

Three Main Components

Whether the new system is split or packaged air conditioning installation in Madison, AL, AC systems utilize three main elements:

  • Condenser and Compressor: these extract heat from the refrigerant
  • Evaporator Coil: extracts heat from air indoors
  • Air Handler: a blower that distributes cold air

Installation Time

A unit swap-out not involving duct work typically completes in a day. Complete duct work replacement averages three to five days.

Call a Licensed and Bonded AC Installer

A NATE and EPA-certified HVAC installation service with technicians that are fully licensed, bonded and insured can take care of home cooling and heating and complete duct systems as well as provide replacement, repair or maintenance. Call Southern Comfort HVAC LLC at 256-858-0120 or visit today.

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