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Three Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Your Off Campus Housing near USF

Being away from home during the holidays can be hard for college students. Instead of counting down the days until you head home for the holidays, you can take the time to celebrate in your student apartment. To help you get into the festive mood, here are three ways to celebrate the holidays in your off campus housing near USF.

Decorate Your Apartment

The first thing you want to do is start decorating your student apartment for the holidays. There are plenty of easy, budget-friendly ways to decorate, from putting up the Christmas tree to hanging wall decor. If you cannot put up a full-size tree this year, a tabletop Christmas tree with small ornaments should do the trick.

Bake Some Cookies

There is nothing like baking cookies to get into the holiday spirit. You can choose from a range of recipes for homemade cookies, or you can take an easier route with some ready-to-bake cookies. If you are planning to host a movie night or attend a study session, your friends may appreciate the holiday treats.

Holiday Movie Night

Another idea is to plan a holiday movie night in your apartment or the on-site lounge. This is perfect if you are looking to celebrate with others. If everyone needs a laugh, you can choose from many holiday comedies. You can even bake cookies or other treats for the occasion.

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