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Help Your Dog Exercise at Your West Lafayette Pet-Friendly Apartment

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with bringing your dog to your pet friendly apartments in West Lafayette. For example, you need to ensure your dog is getting enough exercise. Use the following ideas to help your dog exercise in your student community.

Engage Them in Playtime

Engaging your dog in playtime is great for their physical and mental health. Staying active keeps their body healthy and strong, and playing with the person they love the most is sure to boost their mood. You can play games such as “Fetch” and “Tug of War” with your precious pup.

Rotate Their Dog Toys

It is okay if your dog wants to play alone for a while, but they may become bored with the same toys. Rotating their toys keeps them excited and ready to play, which is essential for keeping your dog active. When you notice your dog becoming bored with their toys, add a few toys they have not seen in a while or at all to the mix.

Take Them for a Walk

Of course, you should also try to take your dog for a walk as much as possible. A walk keeps their muscles strong while they get some natural light and fresh air. If you cannot take your dog out every day because of your schedule or the weather, you may be able to put money on the side for a doggy treadmill.

If you are looking for pet friendly apartments in West Lafayette, look no further than Alight West Lafayette. You can learn more about this pet-friendly community by visiting their website.

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