professional service for carpet restretching in Arvada

Two Reasons Homeowners Need Carpet Restretching in Arvada, CO

Homeowners are dismayed when they notice their lovely carpeting has developed areas of ripples, bulges or buckling. This is a relatively common problem that can happen for several reasons. Fortunately, professional service for carpet restretching in Arvada, CO is available that returns the material back to its proper position.

Heavy Furniture Moving

Ripples and waves can develop when someone drags a heavy piece of furniture across carpeting. If heavy furniture must be moved, various types of sliders should be placed underneath it first. This allows just one or two people to do the project. If more individuals are available for lifting, that’s a suitable option as well.

Moisture Issues

Moisture issues may lead to the need for carpet restretching in Arvada, CO. Although the region’s humidity level tends to be low, the material can become damp or wet in certain circumstances.

For example, a dishwasher that springs a leak could result in water reaching the living room. Homeowners with finished basements typically have carpeting there. The material is at risk of flooding by a leaking water heater or washing machine. A malfunctioning sump pump can result in water backing up into the room. These incidents sometimes happen when nobody is home and aren’t discovered until much later.

After the carpet is completely dry, homeowners may notice ripples. Buckling also might occur along the edges.

The Importance of Prompt Service

Without restretching service, the problem tends to worsen over time. The worse the flaws become, the more difficult it is to fully resolve them. It’s important to schedule service promptly once these issues have been noticed.

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