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When Should You Contact A Railroad Cancer Law Firm for Help with Your Case?

As a railroad employee, you are exposed to diesel exhaust that can lead to many illnesses including certain cancers. Although railroads are aware of the risks involved with this exposure, they don’t always take the proper steps to notify employees or provide the proper protective equipment to keep workers safe on the job. If your injury or illness was caused by the negligence of your employer, you are entitled to compensation. Continue reading to learn more about how a railroad cancer law firm can help you.

Locomotive Engineers and Conductors

Strict laws prohibit diesel fumes from being inside of the cab of a train. However, the cabs of diesel locomotives are often filled with soot and gas that are associated with diesel exhaust. If you were an engineer, conductor, brakeman or fireman, you may have had to clean soot from the windows and other surfaces of the cab. You may have even smelled the diesel fumes or returned home from work with your clothes smelling of diesel fumes.

Track and Yard Workers

If you performed maintenance or construction on the tracks or the yard, you were probably exposed to diesel exhaust. You probably worked beside running locomotives or other diesel-powered equipment. The combination of diesel exhaust and other exposures like creosote and asbestos can lead to career-ending illnesses.


Diesel mechanics who work on trains are exposed to diesel fumes and other toxins. Locomotive manufacturers used asbestos-containing products that mechanics were likely exposed to. Workplace exposures vary by individual but diesel exhaust is the most common toxin.

Passenger Services

If you worked in passenger services on a train, you were probably exposed to a number of toxins. Because of the location of passenger cars, you were probably exposed to diesel fumes in the workplace. If passengers were allowed to smoke on the train, you were also exposed to second-hand smoke which has been linked to cancer and other illnesses.

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