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Tips on How to Determine You Need a New Roof for Your Wisconsin Home

If you have had your home for a while now, you know that it will eventually need a new roof. But how can you tell exactly when you need a roof replacement Milwaukee? These expert tips will tell you the most common telltale signs.

Can You See The Light?

If you are performing an inspection on the roof, check it before you use a flashlight. If sunlight is showing through, then you definitely need to replace it. This is because of the simple fact that if light can get through, then water certainly can as well. This can spell disaster for your home very quickly in the event of a powerful rainstorm.

Streaking Or Staining

This is a pretty obvious sign, but you would be surprised at how many people willfully ignore this. If you can see either of these things, then you already have water leakage issues. You need to correct this issue as soon as possible before damage to the rest of your home occurs.

Clear Signs Of Rot

This happens most often with roofs that are constructed from wood or asphalt. After so many years, these materials are prone to rot. While there is not really anything you can do to prevent rot in the long run, you can repair the roof as necessary or get a roof replacement Milwaukee to make sure there are no remnants of it left.

If you need your roof replaced, contact Guardian, Inc. at They can give you an estimate on what it will cost.

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