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What Your Day in Substance Treatment in Minneapolis Could Look Like

Making the decision to get help for substance abuse is the first step. Before going to a treatment center, there are a few things that you should be aware of so that you better understand what’s expected of you while you’re in the facility.

Getting Started

Most days in substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis begin with breakfast for everyone and a meeting. This is usually a group meeting before you meet with an individual counselor or get started on tasks that you need to complete for the day. There are some treatment programs that offer exercise classes and similar programs if you don’t have a counseling session to attend.


There are a few different kinds of therapy that you can partake in during substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. There are sessions that focus on your past and what could have led you to make the decisions you have made regarding substance abuse as well as sessions that could help you after treatment, such as resume writing. Some treatment centers offer family therapy so that you can talk to your parents, siblings, or others who might be behind your abuse or who will support you when you’re through with the program.

On Your Own

You’ll likely have some time during the day when you can do what you want, but you’ll probably still be monitored in the facility. You could read, talk to the other people who are in the center, enjoy some of the sports that are offered, or work on applying for jobs or housing.

Learn more about what to expect during treatment by contacting Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. on their website today.

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